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This wine train through North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains promises good wine and good company. The company would ultimately never reach the Gateway City but did connect to Memphis and Paducah, Kentucky while another branch offered an extension into northern Alabama. Its original, 152 mile line was finished in February, 1854 while the addition of the Nashville & Northwestern Railroad in August, 1868 provided an extension to Hickman, Kentucky. The costumes top accentuates your upper body’s contour, while the elongated shiny skirt creates the look of a fish’s body. Check out the Lilo costume, red crop top, Hawaiian grass skirt and the Stitch costume. 2 PC. Starflower Hippie Girl Costume, includes cold shoulder floral fringe dress with peace sign accent and matching flower headband. In addition, key north-south main lines of the Illinois Central and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio passed through its western fringe on their way to Chicago and the Gulf Coast (New Orleans).

Tennessee’s rail mileage peaked in 1920 at 4,078 with most service provided through the above-mentioned names along with the Southern Railway and Tennessee Central. Many of these attractions are even powered by historic steam locomotives, such as the Tennessee Central Railway Museum and Three Rivers Rambler. If you truly want to experience the splendor of Tennessee rail travel, plan your ride during the peak fall foliage season when mountains explode with vibrant colors. They are is held at select locations throughout the country, including in Tennessee. The Cowan Railroad Museum is housed inside the town’s restored Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis depot where several displays and artifacts are available to peruse, including an operating model train layout. The visitor center at the summit features an observatory, an interactive weather museum and a snack bar. The museum features several displays, artifacts, and a large operating layout; outside is a small collection of rolling stock.

It is based in Townsend and features a collection outdoor displays and rolling stock as well as exhibits inside. This museum is situated inside a restored Louisville & Nashville depot located in Lynnville, which houses a collection of historic artifacts. It now considered as the Official Transportation Museum of Virginia. Following many mergers and abandonments, the state is now home to just 2,552 miles according to the Association of American Railroads. Stay away from Native American costumes, Indian costumes, geisha costumes or kimonos, powerpuff girls costumes or other costumes that is symbolic of one’s culture. Are you looking for the best, cool, quirky and unique Halloween costumes 2012 ideas? This is one of those Halloween group costume ideas that is a “guaranteed prize winner”, as Rebecca put it. Most organizations also host special holiday events during Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. There’s even a family-friendly holiday tour, the Santa Train, which takes a journey to the “North Pole.” Tickets vary depending on your excursion.

Accessible only by train, the 114-mile voyage takes you deep into pristine northern Ontario forests and valleys that are bursting with bright orange, red and yellow leaves that seem to be putting on a show especially for passengers. From the famed Napa Valley Wine Train comes the Hop Train, a new offering that promotes the region’s impressive beer heritage. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up seven of the best boozy train rides in America where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy a region’s wines, beers, and breathtaking views, no checked baggage necessary. The package includes city sightseeing, historical tours, travel by motor coach (as well as by train and boat) and hotel accommodation. You’ll travel through forests that are aflame with stunning hues of scarlet, ocher and gold deep into the Oak Ridges Moraine, one of Canada’s most ecologically important and beautiful land forms. If you are after intercity or long-distance rail travel please consider visiting Amtrak’s website for more information.

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