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Over 41 of you voted for me to become a “Sexy Goldfish” this year, and because I love you, I did it. That was all the way back in 2004, and since then, Halloween stores have capitalized on our combined love for pop culture and “sexy” costumes with some truly wacky (and occasionally, pretty tacky) takes on beloved characters. “Cosplay, in my definition, is self expression by creating your costume, and showing the people around you at the event your love for the character. If her BB-8 costume, complete with heels, reminded you of a certain delicious candy cartoon, don’t worry. Anyway, I digress! PB&J is a classic costume, and you can simply make it with poster board and colorful shirts, or with these painfully accurate costumes over at Amazon. The leotard has iridescent fabric that hangs from the bottom to make it look like you have a tail. The designer of this costume took a lot of liberties with the bottom half of Rosie.

There are a lot of ways to get creative with this simple costume making this a great idea for a family project. It’s a leotard-meets-hoody so it’ll show off a lot of leg, and keep you warm with the foam insulated hood. There’s one more thing that happens every Halloween, and it’s the “sexy costume.” Sexy is good. And one if your dream is to be a pair of sexy Ghostbusters, there’s a costume for that, too. A beer keg or whoopee cushion costume will require a more creative approach to keeping warm. A black corset with black tutu and fangs might be just the outfit for your more modern approach.

Try their Modern Vampire Kit complete with downloadable instructions. They haven’t always sucked blood; sometimes they’ve consumed human breath or “essence.” A vampire most often comes into existence when another vampire bites a human. And it’s not meant for anyone over 5’5″. Seriously. I mean, it’s Boba. Sharks are dangerous. Sexy Boba Fett I understand. Sexy costumes are an indelible part of the Halloween fabric, but they have a tendency to go too far, to the point where they reach the absurd. A long time ago in a Halloween far, far away…. Halloween is coming, which means the little ones will be running around trying to woo candy with their adorable costumes. When you think of fancy dress costumes, you may instantly picture little kids getting dressed up for Halloween or other events. The first way is to get black pants that are a little tight.

As the thin layer between the dead and alive shrinks this day evil spirits get a chance to mingle with humans, they create nastiness. Now adults and young adults can just as easily get in on the Halloween and costume fun with HalloweenStreet’s amazing line of adult Halloween costumes. This is wrong as Halloween has a special meaning for adults who want to dress up in different styles. Whether you decide to strut your sexiness alone, with your partner, or with your BFF, these costumes will make this a hauntingly hot Halloween. If you’re petite, though, this costume will probably look freakin’ adorable. You can live it all in your gypsy costume! Celtic fairy is a sexy Halloween costume that combines sexy flair with mischief, a gypsy costume can be all seeing and mysterious. Mr. Costumes offers a variety of Halloween Costumes including traditional costume themes such as Pirates, Vampires, Witches and Princesses.

The sexy women’s costume has everything you need to look like a goldfish. There is a tutu romper, headband, arm cuffs, and ankle cuffs and all that is what you need to become a sparkling fish. The ankle cuffs use a Hook-and-Loop Fastener tab and hang around your feet so no matter what heels you wear, they will match your whole costume. With all the choices it is sometimes advisable to select a theme before looking for a costume that not only will be perfect for the event, but also will suit your personality. Ravishingly beautiful. Heads will turn. With a shimmery orange leotard, you’ll turn heads. We recommend picking up the hot orange wig so you can be orange from head to toe! Now you can be a goldfish with Halloween as this women’s costume transforms you into this orange fish.

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